Clinical Judgment: Helping Students Build Critical Habits


We know that critical thinking is just that ‘thinking.’ We know that clinical judgment is the DOING that comes after critical thinking. If students are going to be successful in the nursing program, on the Next Generation NCLEX® and most importantly at the bedside, they need to form HABITS of clinical judgment in every class across the curriculum. Remembering that clinical judgment is the DOING that happens after critical thinking and clinical decision making, it is vital for nurse educators to always help ensure that students are in a DOING frame of mind when learning. The student needs to always be asking "Where is the NURSE in what I am studying?"

The NurseThink ® for Students: The NoteBook App is a unique Clinical Judgment tool that can be used in class, independent study, collaboration, and even clinical preparation. Updated with Lifespan, Skills, and Patient Safety Goals, this new edition is completely ready for Next Gen Learning.

  • Designed to raise the level of cognitive learning in a shorter amount of time, it allows students to move from 'acquiring' knowledge into application for safe patient care.
  • Note taking for prioritization in nursing school is essential for future nurses.

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